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To: Colorado House State Affairs Leadership Re HB15-1130

Original letter written to House State Affairs leadership and sponsor:

From: Harvie Branscomb
To: Su Ryden
Cc: Elena Nunez

Also to: Dan Nordberg

Date: Feb. 8 2015
Subject: election bill 1130 — what is it for?

Why is this bill titled as if it is going to help access for military voters to vote when it does not have any language to that effect?

What it appears to be is an attempt to restrict access to the ballot for candidates by requiring much earlier lead times for nomination and eliminating a vacancy process.

Isn’t it bordering on unethical to fabricate a bill in this misleading format?

Is there a benefit to voters to be obtained here? I don’t see it.

I see only unnecessary convenience for officials at the expense of candidates’ ability to access the ballot.

Perhaps this bill was intended to trick people who only look at titles. I was almost tricked myself.

Please reconsider the true effects of this bill and amend or PI.

Harvie Branscomb