HB 1130 not what it is claimed to be

It’s not so disappointing that HB1130 is so poorly crafted or that the legislature doesn’t have time to notice.

Or that the bill is advertised to be supportive of military even though that seems to be at best a poorly executed side effect.

That is normal at COleg.

What is really devastating for citizens watching and attempting to interact from the outside of this system is that no matter how crucial the omissions and flaws are and how hard we work to point them out or even to write better language, insiders defend the poor language with seemingly blinded tenacity and appalling lack of consideration for implementation.

I hear reports of influential folk threatening to have the bill pass on thirds without amendment. I am simply aghast at what I hear from Denver.

Its time for Democrats to stop following lockstep the old guard lawyers and lobbyists for non-accountable private associations of elected officials and start paying attention to reality.

Especially when Republicans are not.

Its time to listen to people who do not have a vested interest.

There is nothing more to say and nothing more we could do… third reading locks out the public.

Best to kill this bill and rewrite it to include the full UOCAVA procedures provided for in Title 1-8.3 and also add the SOS oversight.

I would like to see the legislature assist the military to vote responsibly and the towns to count the votes with integrity. This bill doesn’t do it.

Sorry to always be a spoiler. There is no other role available. As hard as it is to be a legislator it is harder to be advising from the outside.

Harvie Branscomb