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Upcoming: Election Verification Network Conference in DC

Below is an excerpt from the upcoming Election Verification Network (EVN) Conference program in March. I am participating in a session to discuss Risk Limiting Audits.

3:45pm-5pm – Parallel Sessions – Choose from these options to build and sharpen your advocacy toolkit. Come to learn, and share your insights.

Option 1. Statewide Risk Limiting Audits – Rules for Colorado
 A group of auditing experts is working with Colorado state and county election officials to specify implementation rules for the first regular state-wide risk-limiting audits, using ballot-level comparisons in many counties. Join us to hear about this project and dig into issues including how to audit multi-county contests, auditing most if not all contests to some degree, targeting ballots based on mark density data, auditing signature verification and chain of custody, how to report audit results, and even Bayesian audits.
 Led by John McCarthy, Neal McBurnett, Harvie Branscomb
 With: Dwight Shellman, Colorado Secretary of State’s office; Gary VanDeStouwe, Jefferson County; Gail Maxell, Gilpin County; Philip Stark; Mark Lindeman,